Man, I ate so much at last night's AYCE, I think I'm going to puke.
by seakrait September 11, 2006
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Short for "at your convenience".


Take your time.

No hurry.

Whenever Bro.
"And Johnson, I know you're busy but don't forget I need numbers on that Murphy account. Get back to me AYC."
by lethiferous December 1, 2009
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aycs i have nutthing better to do.
by S Y N i X November 29, 2003
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All you can eat OR a fancier version of AC (air conditioning) because not everyone wants to be basic.
Yo can we get the ayce turned up in this bitch! Lauer is drowning in her own sweat!
by morphy bennett July 12, 2020
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People named "Ayce" are usually mentally-ill psychopaths that are extremely loyal.

They are mostly hot-headed and find pleasure in causing harm to their enemies, often even killing their enemies.
That boy Ayce keeps dropping bodies someone needs to stop him.

Thay boy Ayce is the most loyal on our team.
by SomeRandomGuy72555 November 2, 2022
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The perfect girl, beautiful, loyal, smart but only in school any common knowledge she's a dumb bitch, she also spend her whole day on tiktok but never gets famous, ayc's are also the funniest people you'll ever meet
Man wish I could get myself an ayc!
by Dumb girl 7 June 1, 2020
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