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Acronym for Absent Without Authorized Leave
the SOB went AWAL on us, Dont he know we have to meet up at 6pm
by tl0vr November 26, 2008
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a word meant to describe someone extremely angry or going insane with anger
"I called this guy a noob and he went a-wal"
by Cam P. September 09, 2007
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An acronym for "Awareness Without Action League".
Members identify themselves by wearing plain rubber bands on thier wrists, signifying awareness of something but, no plan or desire to apply thier own energy toward it.
Points out that proudly displaying awareness of a cause, without actually doing something about it, is done for appearance and is actually worse than ignorance.
Tool- "Did you notice all of my colored rubber bracelets? It shows that I'm super-socially conscious!"

AWAL- "Do you see my rubber bands? I'm doing just as much as you to change the world- without the pretention."
by Flock Hater February 08, 2012
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a reminder of a desire you can't have, but won't obsess about

doesn't occur too often
I dreamt of an Awal and I talked to no one about it, yet I've been getting either cheeky grins or the cold shoulder all day.
by arsecrets May 09, 2009
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