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The stuck-up UK exam board who test their new bastard-lovechild examination specifications on unwilling students, often negatively impacting their grades. The bastard one-night-stand love-child of OCR and EDEXEL. They can often be found changing their specification every two years for a laugh.

Boy: I just did a physics exam!
Girl: Like the one my sister did last year!
Boy: No, it's an AQA, they've changed the specification. Again.
Girl: Shame.
by Phillip. January 21, 2008
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UK examination board. It is responsible for 99% of children's hopes and dreams being shattered to pieces. If you're being examined by AQA, you'll fucking know it. AQA will hunt you down, and destroy what little hope you had for your school life. In short, the world would be a better place without this insane, demoralising, and painfully dull examining board.
Hey there! I'm AQA! Now prepare for the next six years of your life to be spent in a stuffy hall doing shit you hate along with 200 other students that are also doing shit THEY hate too! AND your future depends on it. Good luck, kiddo!
by theswagman December 15, 2013
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