The movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.
by randomword12 October 26, 2008
the movement of molecules and ions from a high concentration area to a lower concentration area down the concentration gradient as a result of their random movement
example of diffusion: oxygen diffuses from the alveoli into the bloodstream
by ScienceHuman101 March 10, 2016
Moving Venmo balance from one account to another back and forth until all of you have the same balance and no one wants to put their card down anymore.
My Venmo balance is 120 and yours is $90 so by the laws of diffusion, you should pay. I’ll Venmo you
by SR912 January 11, 2020
A modified down tube for a water pipe that instead of just having one large hole opening into the water, instead the glass comes to a closed tip, along which are several smaller holes. This supposedly cools the smoke before being inhaled by diffusing (spreading) the smoke over a larger area.
Fuck, smashed my down tube cleaning it. Replaced it with a diffuser instead so my smoke should be cooler.
by jettt December 2, 2006
If something is diffuse, it is very spread out or scattered.
Her memories of her past were scarce and diffuse, as she could only remember specific things.
by TheRedEyedReaper January 14, 2016
transitive verb
1a : to pour out and permit or cause to spread freely b : extend, scatter c : to spread thinly or wastefully

2: to subject to diffusion; especially : to break up and distribute (incident light) by reflection

intransitive verb
1: to spread out or become transmitted especially by contact

2: to undergo diffusion
The heat from the radiator diffuses throughout the room.

The heat was diffused throughout the room.

The photographer uses a screen to diffuse the light.

an area of diffused light
by Gia1212 October 9, 2010
A piece of automotive bodywork that is meant to deliver downforce by channeling air under the car, especially under the midsection and rear, so that it creates a low-pressure system under the car which sucks the vehicle to the ground. This increases traction and stability at high speeds.

These are especially prevalent on high-performance sports cars, supercars and most racing cars when putting spoilers that create similar downforce would just cause too much drag.
If you don't see a big tailwing on the back of a modern supercar, look at the tail for a diffuser.

The double-deck diffusers used by a few teams caused a scandal in Formula One over the 2009 season.
by Airrider October 11, 2009