Short for AP US History. An Advanced Placement class in which the history of the US is studied. Get ready for very little sleep, suicidal thoughts, and no social life. A class meant to be taken for Juniors but if you came from ISB or Summa then you can take it AS A FRESHMEN.
Toob My Loob Loob: You guys taking Apush in the FIRST YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL?
Jugs: Yea, how is it?
Toob My Loob Loob: My brother took it as a Junior, hard as hell.
Jugs: Oh shit......!
by Joobless Jingu-Litches July 29, 2010
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A highly ritualized form of suicide usually affecting high school juniors. APUSH kills by forcing so many facts, names, and dates into a person's head that it actually explodes.
Sometimes, an APUSH fails to kill the person and instead kills their GPA, leaving them untouchable to all colleges (even those that advertise on TV).
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn Jane. For some reason, she thought that APUSH wouldn't kill her, even though it has already killed so many others."
by spudmaster34 January 18, 2010
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APUSH is literally the hardest, worst class you will ever take. my teacher sucked and we were far behind! Passing the exam is hard! You have 80 minutes to answer tons of questions! (about 36 seconds per question!!) and two free response essays and a DBQ. Too many chapters, too much homework, too many tests, and usually TERRIBLE teachers are AP teachers. Goodluck to anyone who takes it! AHHHH It is so stressfullllllllllll!
-Why did she committ suicide?
-She was taking APUSH.
by algore123 April 13, 2011
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US History AP.
The Advanced Placement version of the 11th grade history class. Gives the student college credits if s/he scores well on the AP history test at the end of the year.
soooooo you guys taking apush next year?
by sdffff August 15, 2004
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AP US History aka: the second circle of hell.

Usually a class for Juniors, but if you go to a school where you have to take the government HSA in 11th grade, (NORTHERN HIGH SCHOOL) you take it as a sophmore.
Boy: Hey where you going next?
Boy: Oh god, im sorry, Who do you have?
Girl: Tera-natzi
*boy gives girl sympathy hug*
by Sunchips September 06, 2008
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Acronym for Advanced Placement United States History.
Offered to high school juniors who have potential to score well on the May exam.
Can cause some students massive stress while others excel in the subject thanks to great teaching.
Not quite as interesting as AP European History, but then again not as difficult.
APUSH is fun!
I just finished baranating for APUSH.
by Mom of Troocher March 23, 2008
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