A class that will take away the weekend you were supposed to mow the lawn for your dad, and then use the money that you got from the lawn the next day to pay for your dad's car gas because you had to learn how to drive or you could not take the drivers class in school. A class that will take your sleep everynight because you write notes for soo long everyday that you sleep and find yourself writing notes in your sleep on stuff you did not understand in the book, then you wake up and force yourself to sleep again, and then have nightmaires about the tariff of 1816 and how that effected history, and how gistory effected the tariff.
Bill: "what about you Tom, what did you dream last night Tom"?
Tom: mocks Bill*"what did you dream about last night, Tom"?
Bill: stares*
Tom: "oh you know, nothing. just spent 7 hours eyes closed reading an APUSH book in my head and not getting any info fromit at all. yuh know, i love sleep".
by APUSHEEEE December 11, 2020
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A Class that is taken in High School.This class is another word for Hell and if your reading this and you havent decided if you should take it...then if you want late nights,no sleep and DBQs that drop your A to a C then you should.If not then ... too bad!! They probably still gonna make you take it...
Student:You took Apush Right?
Former APUSH Student:*Remembers Tramatic Experience
Former APUSH Student:Dont sell your soul! You have so much to live for
by ApushGuy October 28, 2019
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