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Acronym for Average Likes Per Status. Pioneered by Bobby Mcgoon aka Bob Gorman. This is the only real measure of relevance, comedy, and popularity. Anything less than ALPS of 25 is insignificant and means that person shouldn't be on your friends list.
That man has some strong ALPS, I aspire to be like him one day.
by Paul Giarrusso May 13, 2016
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1) A well known mountain range in Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Italy ) where it's possible to do some great skiiing and snowboarding.

2) "alp solid" (slang: "alpsolite") is often used instead of "rock solid".
1) "Since I went up and down the alps I don't even mind San Francisco's hills anymore."

2) "So you're sure this is gonna work?"
Yeah trust me, there's nothing more alpsolite"
by szu April 26, 2003
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1. A common Turkish name for individuals
2. An individual exhibiting lethargy on a daily basis
"Look, it's Alp sleeping!"
by Jonny-Thompson January 12, 2009
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Female breasts, boobs, cans, bags, juggs, tits, twins, milk spouts etc.
"Yo dude, check out the alps on that one."
"Yeah, that'd be swiss to cock-toboggan between those."
by SB-B August 06, 2008
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Alp stands for abnormally large/little penis, depending on how your Alp is behaving that day, e.g. if he is being specially annoying: little, or if he is being all nice and lovey, large.

Alp will slowly gain your trust, but don't trust him with your tea! >:(
Ellie: Hey, you know Alp?
Tomas: Oh, that guy with the abnormally little penis?

Ellie: No, abnormally LARGE penis. ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ
by i'm baby March 07, 2019
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The Australian Labor Party. The only Australian left-wing party with a chance, but who commonly screws it up due to their lack of backbone and propensity towards failure.
The ALP sucks ALP. (See definition one)

The ALP lost again in 2004 because they tried to pretend they were nice people when in actual fact they are just politicians.
by Lexette June 04, 2005
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a dumbass bitch who is a slut and sucks dick everyday. He thinks he can sing and dance but really he can't.
Alp ,he's back at it again. hurting our ears with his horrible singing.
by TrollytheTrollinator September 12, 2018
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