1m = 1 million

Like usually i like to troll peeps by hosting mafia so once as usual i did 1m mafia secret split and everyone tried to join thinkin prize is big .. Kira Queen(ak Lonley Goose) Joined it too and tried there best to win it and they acutally won now When she came to knew about the prize is 1m .. they were like a duck
Duck = a guy who is Just Too dumb to get fool .. Hhehehe i.e 1m
by devprobs March 20, 2021
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short term for for the American political-metal band One Minute Silence, who have albums such as "Buy Now... Saved Later" & "One Lie Fits All"
"hey did you hear 1MS have gone on hiatus?"
"if that band slashed at the government any more they'd be 1MS"
by RadioFriendlyUnitShifter March 23, 2006
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in english: im the leetest hacker

one who beleives they are the greatest and leetest of all hackers so they let people konw by making this online name for many things, ie: gaming and or chatrooms
OMGZZ 1 7074lly h4x3d 7h15 n00b y3573rd4y 17 w45 50 fr33k1n9 l337...OMGZ 1 7074lly pwn n00b5 7w3n7y-f0ur/s3v3n, 17'5 b3c4u53 <<1m 73h l337357 h4x0r>> lolz!!!11!!!!1!!
by diseased sheep June 20, 2006
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