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it obviously looks a bit similar, if you can't get the concept, you're stupid.

Using spelling like this, people will and should obviously take the word usage as a joke...
i'm going to go visite because i like this word!

I just r4p3d kyle in the face with my sniper-rifle.

I r4p3d your mom to make you feel bad, and she isn't fat... she is sexy!

I r4p3d a porcupine and now have a flesh-mace.

I am going to r4p3 my way out of here...
by phr34k1sh April 17, 2009
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the cool l33t spelling for the exclamatory statement "rape"
1. "R4p3!"
2. "I r-4-p-3(d) you."
by kerry, john, paul June 24, 2007
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