an autogynephile, a man (usually heterosexual) suffering from a psychological condition in which he derives sexual or romantic pleasure from the fantasy of being female
They aren't exposed to media that reports on things like AGP rapists in women's prisons
by FuerzaEolica April 5, 2023
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Accelerated Graphics Port
<hardware> (AGP) A bus specification by Intel which gives low-cost 3D graphics cards faster access to main memory on personal computers than the usual PCI bus.

AGP dynamically allocates the PC's normal RAM to store the screen image and to support texture mapping, z-buffering and alpha blending.

Intel has built AGP into a chipset for its Pentium II microprocessor. AGP cards are slightly longer than a PCI card.

AGP operates at 66 MHz, doubled to 133 MHz, compared with PCI's 33 Mhz. AGP allows for efficient use of frame buffer memory, thereby helping 2D graphics performance as well.

AGP provides a coherent memory management design which allows scattered data in system memory to be read in rapid bursts. AGP reduces the overall cost of creating high-end graphics subsystems by using existing system memory.

by mahdi hajimoradi October 10, 2001
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A paraphilia where a man or trans woman is aroused by the idea of being a woman and presenting in a feminine manner.

Originally popularized by Ray Blanchard, who theorized that trans women fell into two categories, AGPTS and HSTS. AGPTS described straight men who transitioned due to this paraphilia and HSTS described gay men who transitioned.

The term is typically viewed as offensive by the trans community, and is commonplace in radical feminist and anti-trans conservative groups who claim that a large number of trans women transition due to AGP. Despite this, a growing number of trans women have adopted it as an identification. These trans women hold a variety of beliefs about AGP. Some believe that it is a form of normal female sexuality, others believe that it is a static orientation and a valid reason to transition, while others believe that transitioning is a potentially beneficial choice to cope with severe AGP. On the other hand, many detrans men and previous questioners view transitioning as a poor coping mechanism for AGP, and may attribute their transition or previous desire to transition to lack of knowledge about the paraphilia.

There are many stereotypes associated with AGP, most related to the prominence of AGP in 'nerdy' male-dominated internet communities, such as programming communities and video game communities such as the FGC.

AGP has a female counterpart in AAP.
The anime girl pfp would seem to be an indicator that she transitioned due to AGP.
by 5DWorshiper July 26, 2023
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AGP - above ground pool. used to describe something or someone who is white trash or aspirationally rich.
oh my god... that girl is totally agp.
by blonde-uh-dragon August 11, 2010
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A word to describe a person as being, blatantly retarded, and/or technologically illiterate.

Originates from the statement "Nathan: This computer has 4 AGP slots!" (not possible)
"I overclocked my power supply!" STFU AGP.
"Hi, my name is nathan. AGP.
by Psynic, C0ntax. December 18, 2008
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(n) A general acronym for Almer's Goopy Pork, a food found generally up one's butt and slightly to the right.
I ate AGP last night but I had to screw some biatch to get to it... heh heh...
by ChaosChronicle January 7, 2004
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AGP is a group of big dick people who hate Gassers.
We kill gassers that are in our view,

currently there are two presidents who rule with AGP : Oliver Vučković and Marin Tulić the Third.
AGP is better then GP
by Bigger Nigger then u March 13, 2022
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