a gang of punks from franklin who think they run shit, but they don't. they like to cause fights for stupid reasons and are all in the bottom 10%in their respective class

Name is derived from dipset, which shows how creative these bastards are.
"There was a fight by KFC today"
"I bet it was started by chipset"
by Mr. Wilson December 5, 2004
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a way of life in danbury, conencticut. was formed in october of 2006 by two of the biggest party animals you will find. there have been many proposals to the initial start of CHiPSET but only a select few know the real reason. CHiPSET is a group of friends dedicated to having a good time and doing as much as they can possibly get away with without getting busted. CHiPSET is NOT a gang or a cult. there have been many new cults formed against CHiPSET, but nobody has been able to phase them. some include the Chipsahoy cult and the chipset are polygamists cult. CHiPSET does not start trouble with anyone, the only poeple CHiPSET has a problem with are people who stars trouble with them.

verb: he chipset that donut. (stole)
noun: im going to hangout with chipset tonight
verb: i have to chipset home (get home very fast)
by Matthew Moore February 23, 2007
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The mindset to eat chips on an hourly basis. It doesn't necessarily need to be chips, but can mean unhealthy food in general.
Joan gained 40 pounds last year, he has that chipset.
Bro why didn't you reach your bulking goal, you have a weak chipset
by Nouri2 May 24, 2023
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A Gang out of Franklin, NJ. Their turf is near the Los Reyes Corner Store/Diamond Cuts on Route 27. They wear red, and their gang is full of "young-heads"
"Those dudes are prolly from chipset."
by Chillinontheblock October 13, 2005
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A bunch of homothugs who swear they run shit. Being in chipset means that you are a rainbow boy who likes getting it up the ass.
Hey, I like those shoes. "ChipSet, let's jump this bitch ass niggas."
by South Grove March 10, 2005
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It is a gang that has some fuckin bangin ass niggas in it.
There are too many boys taht look good to name them!
by G March 29, 2005
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