Androgyny Attracted Person (AAP) is someone most attracted to androgynous people, regardless of their sex or gender identity. This attraction includes feminine men such as femboys and masculine women such as tomboys. An AAP will likely dislike women who dress in a feminine way, use makeup or shave, while they also will dislike hairy or bearded men with strong masculine features body and face wise. One's attraction towards androgyny may only be a matter of looks, but usually also reflects to their personality, for this reason an AAP will likely loose sexual and romantic interest from too feminine behaviour presented by a woman and too masculine presented by a man.
While they most likely enjoy girls that look like boys and act boyish or "butch" and will also like boys that dress like girls and act girly or "faggy".
You should totally talk to him! He is not gay or straight but loves boys like you. He is an AAP, he will love your long shiny hair and will dream of your cute face!


- She looks like a boy! Dude are you gay?
- No, I am an AAP, I only like boyish girls like her.
by Ribvll March 20, 2021
AAP is the acronym for “Animal Attracted Person”.
Person 1: Yoo dude! I’m a MAP!
Person 3: I’m an AAP!
Person 2: You all suck.
by DillonVentures November 16, 2020
1.abbreviation for aisian ass porn
2. usaully consists of titles like "hot thai titti fucking" or "chinese slut gets laid at sushi restraunt"
3.A word of the rockstarnease dictionary
dude, why do u watch that AAP crap its freakin retarded
by tyjofi14 May 6, 2008
dutch: 'je bent een aap' = you're a monkey
by *sassy* October 7, 2006
Friend: C-can I refer to you as Aap <:)
Aap: yes bitch
by Hisokas_Coochi October 27, 2020
An acronym meaning "Anti-Anime Person". It is pronounced like ape to make it derogatory. An aap are people who hate anime and anything related to anime, some aaps troll anime forums to start flame wars and some may even attack fans. Aaps can range from someone who likes anime just not anime fans to extremists who believe anime is destroying society.
"A troop of aaps caught me reading a manga at school and started giving me a hard time."

"Some aap spammed my anime forum now its all clogged."
by Vandread68 December 4, 2007