A handsome man that gets all the woman... no matter the amount of haters. An AG also has a huge penis and is the best at sex
He’s such an AG
by What’s up world June 03, 2020
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Short for agreeable, meaning pleasant, good or satisfying.
Person 1: Oh it's going to be hottest summer ever in Britain this year, so there's going to be lots of opportunities for fun in the sun.

Person 2: Ag.
by JamesP123 April 20, 2010
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Afghan Gangsta.
An A.G. is an Afghan raised primarily in the U.S. or country other than Afghanistan, whom has acquired respect amongst his/her peers. Typically financially wealthy through hard work. Afghan Gangstas are typically known to get all da bitches and are known to be down to fight and defend when shit pops off. Wannabe Afghan Gangstas are usually hatin' on legit AG's.

Afghan Gangstas are most common in Fremont, CA.
That guy Mustafa is such an A.G. He always gets all the finest bitches to do the freakiest shit with him. He loaded with a fat pocket, a bad ass ride, and never gets chumped by anyone.
by Omega786 November 25, 2007
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a gallon, ussally used when talking about gas
With gas at $3.50 a G I dont know if we can go to Flordia like we wanted.
by Shandman January 19, 2011
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