Something that can't just be described as amazing, the word fucking (over-used) has to be placed before it.
That chick is fucking amazing!
Wow, that band was fucking amazing!
by Katrina S April 10, 2008
A sarcastic remark you use to praise a stupid friend that probably won't even sense the sarcasm
Said friend would even probably reply, "at least I'm fucking something" to cover the fact that they're a virgin and still making low ball sex jokes outside a Seinfeld sketch
friend: *does something stupid
you: you're fucking amazing
friend: at least I'm fucking something!!1!!1
you: great. now you're fucking amazing, and a virgin
by lazykevin October 15, 2016
One bad-ass son of a bitch, this man kicks anyone and everyones ass, so don't get on his bad side mother fucker.
Chuck Norris can eat a Rubik cube and poop it out solved.
Chuck Norris isn't God but he can beat him at golf.
Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.
Chuck Norris has already been to Mars; that's why there are no signs of life there.
Chuck Norris is so amazing don't fuck with him bitch
by FAS7 187 January 19, 2011
women are above all so we deserve a day 💘
some random guy: “hey it’s international women are fucking amazing day what should we do?”

other random guy: “we should hype up women because they deserve the world”
by mf.feminist September 5, 2021