Some country doctors used to write placebo prescriptions to rural pharmacists as "ADT".
Sig: ADT # 1-3 (any damn thing). (red, white, or blue capsules)
by papadoc70 December 23, 2005
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ADT (Actual Dysphoric Trans) is a new and growing community of transgender transmedicalists and truscum. The idea is to create a safe environment for those who experience dysphoria, and to prevent demedicalization of dysphoria and transgenderism.

While the community is experiencing backlash, their intentions are and always have been good.
Transmed to transmed friend: The new ADT flag is spreading like wildfire! You should check it out.

Tucute: *Photoshops Nazi symbol onto it*
by transtruscum March 31, 2018
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Damn ADT is hella Lit, yea yeahhh
ADT - Alpha Dream Team
by AlphaDreamTeam November 8, 2018
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Commonly used in the Dutch student world. It refers to someone who must chuck their glass, most commonly beer, in one go. Often used in these sentence;
Trek maar een adt! = Chuck your glass!

Or it's used after a speech whereby the speaker will shout Ad Fundum which means bottoms up. Then the speaker and its listeners will adt their drink.
Will said to Alex; "Take an adt!" (Chuck your glass)
Micheal shouted at the end of his speech; "Ad Fundum!" He and the others chucked their glass of beer in one go.
(Dutch:) Casper zegt tegen Owen; "Zeg gozer, trek maar een adt."
by Sharp_Stone February 12, 2021
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Leaving the television on in one's home to fool potential burglars into thinking the house is occupied. Named after the large home security company ADT and the prevalence of the technique in poor minority neighborhoods.
"The front door lock is broken, but don't worry - I have Mexican ADT."
by Sejanus June 12, 2008
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Jync: You heared about Adt Skillerz?
Jake: Yes he's a nerd.
by AnonymousProSS!### January 8, 2010
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A hell hole which imprisons poor helpless and innocent children
ADT College is a hell hole which imprisons poor helpless and innocent children
by rubbishfairy March 13, 2004
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