A queer individual that holds the belief that you require gender dysphoria to identify as transgender.

The beliefs of some truscums can be a bit extreme, though most aren't. The one thing all truscums have in common is that they believe you must experience some form of gender dysphoria (no matter what form of dysphoria, as long as it is existent) to be able to identify as transgender.
"Kalvin Garrah is a truscum, meaning he believes you need dysphoria to be transgender."

"I personally fall under the truscum label - I believe there must be gender dysphoria behind your transgender identity."
by transmandan November 21, 2020
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A trans(sometimes cisgender) person with the belief an individual needs gender dysphoria in order to identify trans/non binary.
They often believe gender dysphoria is some type of mental illness and that pronouns equal someone's gender identity.
Another term for truscum is Transmedicalist.
"That guy is such a truscum! He told me I was invalid 'cause I don't have gender dysphoria"
by thatfuckinggay May 28, 2023
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Trans people, mostly on Tumblr, who believe you need body dysphoria to be transgender. They police the identities of other transgender people and often mock nonbinary teenagers.
Kei: i'm a demigirl and my pronouns are fae/faer/faeself.
Kei: shut up truscum
by cinderpelt February 21, 2015
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The transmed who indeed is TRUE SCUM as they force their beliefs on trans/enbies whom aren't comfortable w/ medical transition
It's the truscums' fault that people are detransitioning.
by suck_my_d33 June 24, 2021
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The transphobic transmed who indeed is TRUE SCUM as they witch-hunt other trans as trenders (when it's defined as someone identifying trans to be TRENDY), intentionally misgendering or deadnaming them
It's the truscums' fault that people are detransitioning.
by suck_my_d33 July 16, 2021
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A portmanteau of true transsexual and scum, it's a pejorative slang term to refer to transmedicalists, which are defined as those who believe that gender dysphoria is a necessary component to being transgender, and those who don't experience it are not truly trans.
Truscum Tanya is skeptical of non-binary people who stereotypically present as their AGAB and thinks they are tucutes who aren't really trans like her.
by thisvexesme August 30, 2023
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Trans individuals who believe you need some sort of dysphoria to be trans, mild or not unlike tucutes who believe anyone can be trans and being trans is a choice.
Rose: Hey. Did u know Kevin believes you need some sort of dysphoria to be trans?
Maya: Yes. Kevin's a truscum. He's hella cool.

Rose: that's true. Paul on the other hand says Truscums are horrible people and anyone can be trans.

Maya: Yes. Paul's a tucute. Tucutes are ridiculous and make no sense. Truscums are great!
by Seahorsefishes January 30, 2021
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