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A transgender individual who believes that to be considered transgender you must have experienced emotions such as:
Depression like states caused by sex
Seeking medical/surgery treatment to re-assign genitals and hormones
Relief from identifying as the chosen gender
Uncomfortability around genitals and other gendered organs
David was born female but wishes to be known as male. He enjoys flaunting his curves and often wears revealing dresses, he does not want gender reassignment surgery in the future.
Paul too was born female and identifies as male, unlike David, he feels crippling depression every day caused by his body, because of this he is taking the male hormone, testosterone. this makes him less depressed.

Paul does not like the fact that David identifies as transgender because he does not experience any dysphoria . this means that Paul is a truscum
by lamblint December 13, 2017
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Noun/Adjective, Internet slang (Chiefly tumblr, often used derogatively):

A word with derogative origins originating from tumblr meaning:

1. Someone who acknowledges the medical reason behind transsexualism and believes you have to feel dysphoria to be trans, and that gender is not a cool accessory for one to choose and flaunt.

2. Someone who believes that there aren't 8million+ genders, and that there are male, female, and nonbinary.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of truscum don't deny the identity of nonbinary people but simply believe that nonbinary is an umbrella term and these identities are only valid if a person really feels dysphoria. Many truscum people believe that making up genders and neopronouns are harmful to the trans community.
"Hi I'm Tutty! I am a 15 year old transfeminine gendervoid autistic plantkin. Don't follow me if you are cismale, cisracial white, or truscum"
by Doctor Tallgoth August 27, 2015
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Truscum also known as transmedicalists are a commonly misunderstood community on Tumblr. They follow the medical definition of transsexualism i.e that it's a medical condition and that you need sex dysphoria to be trans.
Bun: Truscum hate all non-binary people!

Truscum: Actually, 98% of us actually support non-binary people!
by Fiver5 May 18, 2014
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A person who knows you must have gender dysphoriato be transgender aka a person with logic.
Logical person: Gender Dysphoria is the reason people transision, if you don't have it you shouldn't have to.

by Senpaiwaifu May 19, 2018
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Trans people, mostly on Tumblr, who believe you need body dysphoria to be transgender. They police the identities of other transgender people and often mock nonbinary teenagers.
Kei: i'm a demigirl and my pronouns are fae/faer/faeself.
Kei: shut up truscum
by cinderpelt February 21, 2015
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