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Short for transmedicalist. Someone who believe you require some form of gender dysphoria to be transgender. Another word for truscum.
by irl naegg May 07, 2019
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Short form for transmedicalist and very similar to truscum someone who believes to be transgender you need dysphoria and have or want to go through some kind of surgery and or hormones to be trans
Tucute: FUCK transmeds! i love my body and the only surgery i want is to take out your eyeballs!
by Weather Report 744 June 17, 2018
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Transmed is a shortened term for transmedicalist , or someone who knows what the definition of being transgender is.

A transmed knows that you need dysphoria to be trans
Transtrender: "UwU I Am A BOY!! I don't care if I don't have dysphoria!! I don't care that i'm invalidating actual trans people!! I don't care if I'm making it look like being trans is a choice!! UwU I am a boy!! But please use she/her pronouns! He/Him makes me uncomfortable UwU!!!!! Transmeds can fuck off!!!!!!!"

Actual Trans person: Yo what in the actual fuck

Doctors who have spent their entire careers looking into this stuff: Yo what in the actual fuck
by DisasterTwink May 19, 2019
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A person who believes that gender dysphoria is a mental illness, and that you need it to be transgender.
"Ugh he's such a transmed, he said gender dysphorias a mental illness"
by Thegrayfaggot October 16, 2018
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