When a woman's underwear are either taken off, on floor, or in hamper control panel facing out and there is a cheese dot sour cream looking stain (like cheezy-mustard).
OMG her panties were on the floor in the bathroom with control panel cheese on them. . . it looked like old cream cheese!
by IIIII TK IIIII December 6, 2010
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When there are all the warning signs which you ignore until its too late, the situation then goes critical and blows up in your face.

Typically relates to men chasing women that are just no good, who ignore all the warning signs and red flags only to find out that they are in fact a gold digger.
Dude 1: Oh had such a good weekend with Catherine
Dude 2: Really ?
Dude 1: Yeah, ended up paying for it tho, from the taxi there to the taxi back, drinks, dinner, lent her some money etc
Dude 2: Man, this is more than a reg flag situation, you have yourself a Chernobyl Control Panel.
by Christopherusly May 13, 2012
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a novel way to start offering advice and easy solutions to complex problems
Example 1:

I don't know what to do - my boyfriend can't stop turning his head at anything in a short dress and stilettos. I find it really humiliating.

ah yes, go to 'start' 'control panel' 'settings' and then adjust his horndog settings to what you'd like them to be

Example 2:

what are we going to do about the energy crisis and global warming?

go to 'start' 'control panel' 'settings', click on 'energy efficiency' and then next to that you'll see 'make the world a lot more energy efficient'

Example 3:

How do I stop my boyfriend from farting so much?

go to 'start' 'control panel' 'settings' and then 'flatulence'...
by Peter Greenwall February 15, 2011
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Control panel is shortened to CP, which is re-expanded into child porn.
"Yea, I have a shit ton of control panel on my computer dude. probably like 12gb." "Holy shit man, how old? are you selling?"
by Deconentrated September 22, 2022
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