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The dividing line between a country drifting away from it's original idea due to religious fanatics who would force the world to their beliefs. They believe in the untainted freedom of being an individual human. This includes the ridiculous rules put up by religion such as removing freedom of speech. Sure the KKK may be moronic bastards but from the definitions on this page, I think no more of religion. Sure NAMBLA may be disgraceful. But how right are Christians when they prohibit homosexual rights? The ACLU is the dividing line between being taken advantage of when the corruption of religion reaches the high ranks of power in this Nation's political system.

The ACLU believes in human rights and nothing more.
Me: "The ACLU sure is dandy!"
Self-conflicting moron: "They support the KKK!!"
Me: "They support their freedom of speech not the infliction of harm apon another human. This is obvious as they defend those harmed by people of authority such as the Police."

Self-conflicting moron: "You support the KKK!!"
by Cavemandular July 15, 2009
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American Civil Liberties Union
Does just what its name says: supports civil liberties and constitutional rights
In more words it Supports:
-SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE- this stance tends to generate controversy b/c many people think they are trying to stop religious expression by the people when they are really trying to keep the government's nose out of religion and actually defend religious freedom (see below)
-*GASP* FREEDOM OF RELIGION- Yes, the ACLU defends people (including *GASP* Christians) who have been denied their rights to religious expression (two recent cases are an elementary school student who wanted to sing Awesome God at a school talent show, and a high school student whose senior quote was a verse from the Bible.
-FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS- (They even support the free speech rights of NAMBLA and the KKK, which some people mistakenly think this means they support the message; they do not, they just affirm that these groups have the right to speak out peacefully about their beliefs). The ACLU has also criticized the government for censoring "obscene" materials
-FREEDOM FROM CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT- they oppose police brutality, prison rape and other prison abuse, and (controversially) the death penalty
-FREEDOM FROM UNREASONABLE SEARCH AND SEIZURE AND RIGHT TO DUE PROCESS - Many people think this makes them favor terrorists; however if there was enough evidence to charge the "terrorists" with crimes, why doesn't the government do it? Also remember people said the same thing about Japanese Americans in WWII, and back then the ACLU was the ONLY major national organization to oppose the internment camps
-EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW- gay rights (including marriage), rights of the poor, racial and gender equality, transgender rights and youth rights - they oppose curfews and rules that require u to be an "adult" to buy porn/see R-rated movies (see free speech too)
For more information on the ACLU u can go to one of its two websites:

Or look it up on wikipedia
by Trinu January 10, 2007
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The only glimmer of hope we have for America surviving the crises of the early 21st century.
The ACLU may not agree with what you say, but will defend to the Supreme Court your right to say it. (They even defended Rush Limbag when his civil rights were trampled!)
by Peacemonger September 28, 2006
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American CIvil Liberties Union
It seems that I am the only sane person on this website! I am not a "neo-nazi terrorist scumbag" but i do support freedom of speech, whether it be flag burning or KKK rallies, and i do not support the government holding untried prisoners in foreign countries where they are routinely waterboarded. I don't think that any religion should be present in schools, or any other pubic place for that matter, but what people worship in their homes or churches id fine with me. Call me anti-American all you want, but isn't it you that is being anti-America by not wanting what is in the best interests of the population?
This country is built on patriotic dissent. Lve with it, you closed minded, neo-conservatiove hate mongers.
You all have some growing up to do. ACLU FTW.
by Bennett Ward May 19, 2008
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A group of lawyers dedicated to preserving the freedoms layed out in the American Bill of Rights, especially the first-amendment rights of freedom of speech and assembly.

The ACLU are often maligned and mischaracterised as being "anti-Christian" since they oppose state-sponsored religion. They have gathered considerable controversy for defending the rights of free speech for unpopular groups such as Neo-Nazis.
The ACLU fights hard to keep Americans free.
by supaDISC February 16, 2005
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A diverse group of lawyers and legal officials, whose objective is to defend the rights of the people of the United States from corruption that has run through the system. Often hated by Racists and especially Christians, because of their views on pro-choice for abortion, gay rights, and the like that the christian church opposes. They stand by the words in which America was made so long ago, they stand by America's true purpose, which many have lost sight of. Freedom, Liberty, and Privacy.
The ACLU is one of the few remaining organizations that hold by the principals through which America was made.
by James Lipus July 01, 2006
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