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The most butchered punctuation mark in the English language. Apostrophes are used
1) to
indicate contractions,
2) to indicate possession (in some cases), and
3) VERY occasionally to denote a plural (where otherwise the meaning of the sentence would be unclear).

The use of an apostrophe in the contraction "it's", (which means "it is"), but not in "its", (which is a possessive) causes problems for many people who didn't pass third grade.
Incorrect: Screw you moran's. Go USA.
Incorrect: Its raining cat's and dog's.
Incorrect: Here come's the train. Grab it's cargo.

Correct: Don't go in that room.
Correct: The cat's litter box is dirty.
Correct: Mind your p's and q's.
by supaDISC February 24, 2005
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A perjoritive term used by morans to describe members or supporters of the Democrats.
Moran: Those pinko dems are ruining this country.

Honey, get my washin' stick, I wants'a have a bath.
by supaDISC February 16, 2005
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The kind of lunch your dad might send you to school with, as opposed to a woman lunch that your mother makes. Man lunches, unfortunately, are paltry, awkward and poorly planned compared to their feminine counterparts. Scientists say this is because men's brains are missing a part that gives woman certain culinary sensibilities.

The quintessential man lunch is water, which contrary to popular belief, is not a food, crackers, a cheese sandwich and a banana, which are each, respectively, crushed by the water. Man lunches also sometimes have milk in a resealable container, which becomes lukewarm within minutes of being taken from the fridge and leaves a film of foul residue on the container that will never be completely washed out.

Man lunches are usually invoked in arguments about gay marriage.
Gay marriage threatens our communities, our families, and indeed our way of life. What child wants a man lunch?
-Pat Robertson
by supaDISC December 08, 2005
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Howard Dean. He could beat up any Republican and steal his girlfriend.
Did you see Howard Dean on the cover of Rolling Stone? Look at the size of that guy's arms. What a manly Democrat.
by supaDISC December 02, 2004
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A girl who you can't see from the front, or maybe isn't good looking from the front, but looks damn good from behind. The nine, of course, refers to the 2nd-highest rating on the standard scale from 1-10.
Guy #1: Damn, look at the ass on that brunette!
Guy #2: Careful, she could be a nine from behind.
by supaDISC January 14, 2008
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Music for sheltered white kids who like the sound of hip hop but are either scared of or alienated by the subject matter and performers of actual hip hop.
Person: Hey have you heared Illmatic?
Nerd: No, rap is stupid and all it's about is guns and bling. I listen to nerdcore.
by supaDISC August 25, 2007
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What some of the stupidest people I have ever met say after they crack "mom" jokes.
Person 1: I fucked your mom.
Person 2: Oh, Snap!
Person 3: GOD, you guys are such MORONS I hope you fucking DIE.
by supaDISC December 09, 2004
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