A massive, court mandated, religious organization. Used by the United States legal system to 'help' alcoholics, but really sentencing them to 12 steps of self-loathing and christian brain-washing.
"Bob got a D.U.I. and had to go to A A, now he's a sniveling douchebag."
by saiko October 11, 2005
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The best possible starting hand in the popular poker game Texas Hold 'Em. Represents a pair of aces.
Ivey flips over QQ but Harman has him covered preflop with AA.
by RageFire December 08, 2007
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A term used in some online videogames for any anti-aircraft emplacement. This means a flak emplacement, SAM battery, or anti-air machine gun.
We can't hit with the bombers until you take out that AA!
by Elitist January 18, 2004
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Short for American Airlines. Used soley by the company on their signs.
man: Where's the AA meeting?
chic: At the church.
man: Where's the American Airlines meeting?
chic: In the office.
by J-Diddy April 12, 2005
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A ragged, clinkery form of lava (or in more proper Hawaiian spelling, โ€˜aโ€˜a).
Aa is flowing from the volcanoe!
by rebecca van laer June 19, 2005
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Archmere Academy- the best school in the history of delaware.
I love my AA friends so much.
by jim February 05, 2005
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An evaluation score in Dance Dance Revolution where the dancer has achieved a total of 95% or more of the total Dance Score of a song. Usually used as a verb when telling someone of the accomplishment.
Dude, I just AA'd PARANOiA Survivir MAX Ohi!
by asdasdasdasdasd May 19, 2005
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