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A rapper who thinks Ronald Reagan created cocaine and AIDS to destroy the civil rights movement. Nowadays makes the claim that "George Bush doesn't care about black people." Even rappers like 50 Cent think this is an idiotic and ignorant claim, however.
Also assumed to be a black supremist, judged by his beliefs.
Kanye West should really stop rapping about political shit he knows nothing about, as should Eminem.

"All people are equal, see, but, um, black people are more equal th-than, others." - Kanye West
by Oni-Unit December 30, 2005

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A girl that is nothing but a fake, attention-whoring, peroxide-saturated, saggy implant-ridden, botox-filled cum recepticle. Can't act worth 9 shits as proven by "My Boss' Daughter".
If she was to die by getting glued to a toilet seat that happens to have a bamboo plant growing in it, thus growing at the very fast rate up her anus, then breaking her spine, I would rejoice.
by Oni-Unit February 20, 2005

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A troll in the sense of an internet troll has many different meanings. Not all trolls go to a message board and spam it with flames, racism, and Goatse before getting banned 5 minutes later. Trolling is a hobby in the same vein as prank phone calls, and the true objective of trolling is to be clever and creative in getting a reaction out of the troll victims.
Skilled trolls especially like trolling large-scale websites such as MySpace or LiveJournal where it is harder to get banned. Trolling a site such as GameFAQs is more difficult, as the TOS is very strict and the moderators are harder on trolls.
Common victims of trolls: liberals, hippies, peta, gay rights activists, otaku, furries, harry potter fans, etc

Skilled trolls from LJ: heavenablaze, gunlord, oni+, omg_a_terrorist, bloodlent, abcuqrc, chessnut1134
by Oni-Unit December 27, 2005

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The song that overthrew Afronova as the most overplayed song on ddr. Traditionally, goth kids or younger DDR players swarm into arcades, and immediately pick this song. ALWAYS on Standard, since they never progress past this skill level.

While Daikenkai is abyssmally bad on DDR, it's quite fun on Beatmania. And the lyrics, when translated to English, are the best engrish I've seen for some time.
n00b: ok i get 1st pic i pick teh song taht begins with 'D'....daikai-something. i liek it becuz it sounds like Linkin Park. ANGST
Me: No. *quickly changes song to Gamelan de Couple*
by ONI-UNIT November 15, 2004

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Website that instructs people on how to successfully insert a gummi worm into their urethra.
www.fnord.org/gummi has the pics
by Oni-Unit February 25, 2005

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Song from beatmania IIDX 7th style by SLAKE. Sounds like a cross between the Bee-Gees and an acid trip.
Alfonso: I tied up that guy who raped my daughter and decided to torture him.
Harry: How did you do so?
Alfonso: I forced him to listen to Cloudy Music for 5 hours straight.
by Oni-Unit August 27, 2005

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Outphase's Trance song from beatmania IIDX 9th Style. Used as the One More Extra Stage from that game, therefore requiring a lot of skill to merely play. The Another14 notechart is considered impossible to pass.
Also made famous by some retarded, overrated video floating around the internet.
by Oni-Unit March 19, 2005

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