1. a steroid jacked homo
2.a yankee (gay)
3.the face of the secretive homosexeul world
7. jeter's partner for life
A-rod just did jeter in the clubhouse after winning a game.
by u dont need to no March 26, 2008
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In a group sex setting, a man pulls an A-Rod when he "opts out" of his current vagina and forcibly enters another regardless of the stature of the one he has left. When an A-Rod occurs, the only person who will reach the climax is the person with whom the penis was withdraw before the A-Rod occurred. A closely related, A-Bomb, from A-Rod involves extracting from a vagina and "opting out" for an A-Hole. An A-Rodder only quest is stature and quantity.
At the orgy, one guy A-Rodded half the girls.
by droc6 November 05, 2007
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A-Rod is a nickname for baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez
"yo A-Rod hit three home runs last night"
by kmart July 10, 2005
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Great player who is consistently good, but hardly worth $25.2 million a year. Also known as "Pay-Rod."
The Yankees continued their efforts to buy the World Series by acquiring Pay-Rod from Texas, getting a good player while inheriting a whale of a contract.
by Dewey June 29, 2004
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nick name for 1 alex rodriquez (baseball player) or 2 andy roddick (tennis player)
1 "A-Rod's with the Yankees now"
2 "A-Rod is the hottest thing in the ATP bitch!"
by kaka face March 15, 2004
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