Incorrect quotation from the climactic confrontation bwtween Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in "The Empire Strikes Back".

The correct quotation is "No, I am your father."
Vader: Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.

Luke: He told me enough! He told me YOU killed him.

Vader: No, I am your father.

by Cataphract_40 May 14, 2005
The most kick ass line to ever grace this earth, along with im a bad motherfucker
Obi Wan told me enough, he told me you killed him!

No luke, I am your father..

by Blaminator June 11, 2005
the deluded morons above this post are totally wrong in fact it IS luke i am your father. he goes no luke i am your father watch the classic fucking movies. not the fucking bullshit new ones.
Vader: Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father.

Luke: He told me enough, he told me you killed him!

Vader: No Luke, I am your father.

by i fucked you mama! November 17, 2007
someting you don't wanna hear a random stranger tell you if you're luke.
random guy:Luke, I am your father
luke:(realizing his mother is a hoe)
The climax to a certain situation. Usaully preceded by the "Luke..."
1. In the Movie "Friday", the "Luke, I am your father" is when, Craig whoops Deebo's ass. Yeaahh!!!

2. The "Luke I am your father" of slim bavis's life, was giving the rectal thermometer to his favorite moped.
by Dan Jewell March 23, 2005
This is a vertical integrated sex act where one goes down on a vagen; once the subject is sufficiently moist a deep controlled burst of air is pushed through the vagina. The result moments later is masterful quef, where the reverberation of the labia expels a pleasurable sound and sprinkling of love juices.
My new GF is really into kinky stuff so I gave her a Luke I am Your Father.
by Jackoohoh June 30, 2016