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www.blaminator.co.uk is one of the best websites around. It is ran by 15 year olds and has hardly any members but it is good because it is here. Here meaning 'urban dictionary'
Me: Hey, have you heard about this new 'blaminator' thing?

You: No

Me: OK then, have a nice day.
by Blaminator June 30, 2004
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The most kick ass line to ever grace this earth, along with im a bad motherfucker
Obi Wan told me enough, he told me you killed him!

No luke, I am your father..

by Blaminator June 11, 2005
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Drayton Manor High School, Located in West London (To be precise, the west of west london)
Hi, I go to DMHS.
Drayton Manor High School
Oh man that school is very good.
by Blaminator May 22, 2005
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