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A rude, selfish bitch who apparently has no soul whatsoever. Whines like a baby and likes to think she is the princess of this world. Craves for attention and is usually a rating of 3/10 or lower.
dang dude, that bitch is such a Beth. she wouldnt even give me a Rusty Trombone after i saved her life.
by Burnnnnnn January 16, 2011
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An interesting and unique way of refering to a person named Abigail. Abeth is only used by those of extremely high standards and are usaually well respected in society.
Lord/Lady: Would it be possible for me to borrow your parasol Abeth whilst i visit my good friend the Queen this weekend?
Lord/Lady:Would you care to join me Abeth in my attempt to relieve my gut in the little lady's room?
by Bobby Lad October 04, 2006
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