Written sex, like in fanfictions
by brendonuriestan May 31, 2018
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Erotic writing that contains explicit, sexual content.

Something that renders you wanting to pour bleach into your eyes after reading, yet possesses an irresistible allure that makes you eventually give in and read it again
May: Smut is absolutely abhorrent. I swear I would never read it again.
May a week later, feeling horny: maybe...just...once.....
by IMakeStupidDefinitions August 22, 2020
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s: sexual
m: maturity
u: under
t: text
"wait, you read smut too?"

"yes of course, it satisfies my needs."
by famousassbutt December 29, 2017
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When two or more characters (fictional or nonfictional) has a sexual incounter with each other. It could be all sex with little story plot or a well thought out story with occasional sex scenes. Usually associated with fan art, fan fiction and a lot of romance novels.
Bob ran to Jessica, grabbing her by the waist and kissing her. She fell into the kiss, moving her hands down his back. He did the same, grabbing her ass. Jessica squealed; she was caught off guard. Then, she moved her hands down Bob's chest. She hooked her fingers onto the him of Bob's pants.
" I want it." She said with a smirk. Bob unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down with his boxers. Jessica smiled and got on her knees. A loud beeping started to ring in the air.
" What is that?" Bob opened his eyes to see his alarm clock on the table.
" Ugh. I was so close. I need to stop reading smut late at night." He said as he got up and took a shower.
by Tjlove August 8, 2015
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When you see someone reading smut, just assume that it's porn but with words 'cause that's what this is, except it's freaking kinky when they're doing the frickle-frackle.
Friend: what'cha reading there?
definitely not me: smut.
Friend: Which means...?
Other friend but this one is cultured: they're reading porn. Don't ask.
by premieredimension April 25, 2018
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a story, usually a book or a fanfiction, that includes one or more sexually explicit scenes.
phan smut.. "and every month we buy a hamster..."
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