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Joey x Cold

After hearing the explosion in the forest, Joey and Cold instantly moved to the scene. Knowing Spec and Enel, their friends, were at the forest in the first place, they moved out of sheer necessity to the forest. Although, on their way, they managed to get into a sticky spot.

While dashing through the forest, suddenly they bumped into each other. Both came crashing to the ground, with Joey falling on top of Cold. Joey's breath hitched as he realized what was happening.

"Yikes, I didn't mean to fall on top of her, but... No! I can't think thoughts like those when our friends could have been reduced to ash in the explosion! But even's hard to resist not caressing her face." Joey says, disappointed in himself and the situation simultaneously.

Like always, Cold was feeling the exact same way.

"Wow, in a situation like this with Joey it would be simple for things to take a weird turn. But, Spec and Enel need us right now. Joey's cute face and 6-pack abs can wait for right now. Later though..."

They were lost in their own thoughts when the second explosion happened. It brought them out and they started rushing back through the forest. Though, neither of them could lie if they said they weren't thinking of the other the whole way through.

Will Joey and Cold find Spec and Enel in the ensuing chaos? Or are they too late entirely? Find out in the next chapter of CC adventures: Dark Blue Sky.
by only_outcasts February 09, 2021
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