A phantom is a shit that mystically appears in the vicinity of another person with no explanation as to who or how it was laid.

Example 1. While camping Rodney is woken by the sounds of birds chirping. He alights from his sleeping bag and unzips the tent fly. His nostrils are hit with the stench of a fresh turd and on looking down he observes a large Mr whippy shit. As he is camping with his friend Jerry he imagines it was him who laid "the phantom" but he has no proof.

Example 2. Sams neighbour's car is using his front yard as a cat litter and depositing excrement on his property daily. On e night Sam has finally had enough so he walks next door and does "a phantom" on the front door step. As he is a delivery driver at 5am on waking instead of pumping out a stomach cable on the porcelain throne he heads next door and phantoms next to the letterbox.
Some little fuck has done "a phantom" in my work boots that I left at the front door!
by It's the OG Phantom Shitter September 19, 2016
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to disappear without notice from a party; to go 'phantom'

Also can be used as a nickname for people who commonly do this
hey where'd mike go?
dunno, must have gone phantom
by Andy-roo October 31, 2007
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Famed model of Rolls-Royce taken through many stages of excellence since the twenties. The ultimate version would be the 1980 Phantom VI convertible state limo in midnight blue. The car to own all cars.
Shame the latest phantom looks like osama put a bomb inside. Even worse that P Diddy-dick has one.
by Gumba Gumba February 20, 2004
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The star of The Phantom of the Opera, most famously played by Michael Crawford (original cast) and Gerard Butler (2004 movie). The Phantom lives beneath the opera house, and tries to win Christine's love after hearing her sing as an understudy. He has faced a world of hatred and everyone thinks of him as nothing more than a cold-blooded murderer. Behind his murders, he is just an emotionally insecure man who had been outcast from society because of a facial defect when he was born, which he covers with the classic half-face mask. Truly, behind the mask, there is a beautiful man and a genius in music, art, and magic, whom most outcasts can relate to.
I absolutely love the phantom. It's just so sad that he went through so much pain.. *sobs*
by Squallet Kinjiri June 15, 2005
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1. Short nickname used by theatre-lovers for Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber's the Phantom of the Opera.

2. The lead title role in the Phantom of the opera. His real name is Erik.
1. I just saw Phantom in NYC

2. The Phantom of the opera is there... inside my mind.
by Thespian October 8, 2005
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The act of acting like a phantom; pretending you are invisible or nonexistent for a period of time.
Hey, if you call my cell and I don't answer, I am phantoming.
by Ashayet August 13, 2010
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Someone who is seldom seen or heard from, but used to be around all the time.
Where's Mike Been lately? I don't know, he's been a phantom lately.
by Johnnie Regalado January 10, 2006
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