(n) a substitute actor

(vb) to study for the role of another actor, in case they cannot perform their part
"Why should we rehearse together ?" the actress said with contempt, "You're just an understudy!"

Director: She can't make it to the play! What do we do??
Student: I can cover for her; I understudied.
by FoxyFireFairy November 13, 2010
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When you have the intention of hooking up with someone but by the end of the night you have to settle for your second choice.
- "You bone Mike last night?"
- "No"
- "Who was the understudy?"
- "Sharon"
by Miche May 1, 2005
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Basically if none of your friends are around they're your back up friend,you last resort.
Hannah is just our understudy friend,she literally doesn't try hard enough to be a good friend.
by Cassidyaaa7@luveveryone. April 10, 2019
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