The art of standing round stealing oxygen and staring at the ceiling.

Telling other how to do their job when he cant do his

Loses concentration every time the wind changes direction

This person or persons are rendered useless and named louie
To the apprentice done a louie to day and just stood looking at the sky while telling me how to do my job and forgot how to do his
by Brum420 April 7, 2023
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The first ever punk song, by the Kingsmen. There were rumours that this incredibly catchy song had dirty lyrics as no-one could hear a word the singer was saying, but they turned out to be totally innocent. It remains today the soul of any disco.
Louie, Louie, oh no, I say we really gotta go.
by Jimmy Kickarse July 7, 2006
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'One mans craziness, is another mans reality'

Louie is a very unique individual. There have been plenty of people who have attempted to imitate the King and failed horribly. Louie's body is able to intake massive amounts of alcohol with ease. Also, he could possibly be one of the funniest people ever. He is considered a God among men and magnificent man beast for the ladies.
Guys: Here comes King Louie with his awesomeness.

Ladies: Oh my god, here comes Louie! Does my hair look ok?
by King Louie February 29, 2008
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An all around awesome guy. He's hilarious, smart, talented, fun to be with, not to forget strange! Although he might be one of the weirdest people ever, he never fails to make you laugh. He is strangely inappropriate but amusing. Louie can be a complete diva and drama queen. He is the best possible friend you could ever ask for. He is always there for you and helps you with your problems. He can be snappy or obnoxious very often, but you can never stay mad at Louie for very long. He is a very solid friend. Louie is the best boyfriend any girl could ever have. He is so sweet and caring and knows how to treat girls. Louie's girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the whole world. He would treat her like an angel. He is a very loyal and faithful boyfriend and would give up the world for his girl. Louie is the most amazing guy in the world
"Awww look at how that boy treats his girlfriend I'm so jealous!"
"Yep thats Louie!"
by Frenchyogi February 11, 2013
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Louie is the type of person who loves to make stuff and go on tumblr.
Did you meet Louie? He's definitely an Aquarius!!
by runrunrudolph33 August 17, 2018
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To believably look as if you are working hard the instant someone of authority is close by, and to return to lazy as soon as they leave again.
Girl : "As soon as she saw the boss she just pretended someone had just radioed her to do something"

Boy : "She'd totally be fired if she wasn't so good at louieing!"
by SpenceLou November 10, 2010
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a man who is stronger than everyone else and could beat you to a pulp. Very attractive with big muscles, he is wanted by women but is already completely devoted to one lucky girl. A complete gentleman he will open your door for you. However he is not afraid to get rough and naughty, especially in the bedroom. When you are with him he will make you laugh by copying you constantly. Quite possibly the love of your life. Impossible to ignore or forget.
pulp love louie louis rough strong man
by blondandsmart March 2, 2010
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