A parking lot that is made unpleasant because of the sound of barking dogs left in cars.
"I can't stand the noise in this barking lot! Let's load our bags in the car and get out of here!" Or -- "Listen to that noise! What do those dogs think this is -- a barking lot???"
by Shopkeeper August 10, 2017
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Adjacent to Lot N (and often synonymous with it) at the Sports Complex in South Philly, the Jetro Lot is the location of a number of larger tailgates for events at the complex. These tailgates also tend to turn into some of the rowdiest at any event. In other words this lot is friggin sweet!
Normal Fan: Hey man, where you tailgatin before the Eagles game?

Crazed Fan: Jetro Lot!
by SoB0410 May 17, 2010
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Where you park if you want to get rowdy. Originally stemmed from gravel parking lots which gave restaurant goers a reason and excuse to behave inappropriately within the restaurant. Now, the Rowdy Lot is more of a state of mind. This state, however is not (as many believe) influenced by drugs or alcohol. This state is achieved by being creative, witty and original and attempting to get away with mischievous or outrageous acts by blaming them on your parking in the Rowdy Lot.
Melvin just flipped the table for no reason! He must have parked in the Rowdy Lot.

Guy 1: "Dude, why did you just throw that knife in the wall?"
Guy 2: "It's okay, I parked in the Rowdy Lot."
by FLIPtheTABLE**NOW February 21, 2012
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Kat tamed Tony. She road him hard and put him away wet. Must a practiced on those pony rides out front the grocery store. Hell, must a had a lot of nickels
by Tonythetiler July 17, 2021
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The Trader Joe's parking lot located in Redondo Beach's Riviera Village. This lot is used for the drinking of alcoholic beverages, recreational drug use, and is host to the weekly Sunday "Metal Night" on indie 103.1 FM. The Big Lot is home to Dolphin Boy, The Jesus Guy, and is frequented by many of the colorful hobos living Redondo Beach. Casuals of the Lot include college students in their early twenties.
"Hey Chris, what you doing tonight after work?"
"Geez, I don't know..."
"Big Lot?"
"No. No, I seriously think I have a drinking problem."
"...Big Lot?"
"Fine. I'll meet you at The Big Lot."
by folkthewhat April 21, 2008
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Noun. Derogatory slang for a car salesman; the lowest of all sales people.
I'd rather sell knife sets door-to-door than become a lot loser, I don't care how much money they say you can make in a fancy dealership.
by usmcBTC April 7, 2016
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A place usually on a military base where you can buy and sell used cars, motorcycles RV's and other motor vehicles you can think of
I bought my new ford GT at the lemon lot the other day its pretty sweet expect they didn't tell its missing an engine.
by the real last meheecan December 26, 2016
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