When you speak in circles making waves while saying absolutely nothing
Drew pulled a Donald as he spewed make-believe about building a gold wall along the entire Rio Grande pledging "it will be seen from Mars"
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A subreddit on Reddit.com that's a forum for people who support U.S. president Donald J. Trump.
Everyone on reddit wants to ban The Donald.
by Mullnado June 26, 2019
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Donalding is the act of being a donald. A donald is someone who is silly. this verb is derived from donald duck.
we were donalding on our road trip to UNC as we got truck drivers to honk their horns.
by Donald Marry Mouse December 29, 2011
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Nickname for entreprenuer Donald Trump; As used on NBC's "The Apprentice"
Well, looks like The Donald has fired someone again tonight.
by Chad "1m" Mosher June 11, 2004
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A Donald is someone that is extremely successful and can do some unbelievable things. They learn extremely fast and holds universal knowledge. They are also very handsome and nice people but loves money and power.
I can't believe there are Donalds in this world.

Girl: Is that a Donald? Oh God I want him so bad.

Give me all your money Donald! *unbelievably pulls out gun and shoots the robber*
by idpryv3 August 07, 2010
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The name Donald is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish, the meaning of the name Donald is Great chief, world mighty. From the Gaelic Domhnall. The name Donald has been borne by a number of early Scottish kings. Famous Bearers: Billionaire Donald Trump; actor Donald Sutherland.
I will move to Ireland if Donald wins!
by TeamRocket748 November 14, 2016
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