sending someone who has wronged you a 'Whitman's Sampler' after having replaced the sweet treats with pooh.
I sent the ex 'a box of chocolates' for Valentines Day.
by what&where January 31, 2010
A mysterious box of candy (can be heart-shaped) in which one never picks the actual chocolates with confidence.
Yuck! After eating the chocolate with orange filling, I'm going to have to eat another 7 or 8 of these from the box of chocolates to wash down that nasty aftertaste.
by G Z April 8, 2009
What Forest Gump's mother says life is like.
Forest Gump's mother: 'Life is like a box of chocolates.. ya neva know what you're gonna get!'
by HappyHippieHugs April 30, 2007
The "Box of Chocolates" is simply defined as taking a number two directly into a woman's vagina. If done properly the feces should transfer smoothly, never seeing the light of day.
"Yo, that bitch was wild, she let me give her the box of chocolates!"
by Adam Fuller February 10, 2005
When a white woman get DP'd by a few black guys...
Oh my gawd Becky look at my box of chocolates . There's so many of them!
by Charlieyoubitme January 5, 2018