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A girl whos pussy smells like garbage.
She was cute but I quickly realized that the overwhelming foul stink from the bed was from her 'Garbagina'.
by what&where February 01, 2010
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sending someone who has wronged you a 'Whitman's Sampler' after having replaced the sweet treats with pooh.
I sent the ex 'a box of chocolates' for Valentines Day.
by what&where January 30, 2010
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Tried and proven technique of assaulting some loser bastard (in the face) using a gallon can of interior or exterior enamel paint as your weapon.
That fucker threw a rock that nearly hit my wife. I'm gonna give that little bitch 'The Paint Can'.
by what&where January 31, 2010
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To 86 anything or anybody in life.
I'm gonna give my girlfriend 'The Maxwell Smart' if she doesn't start giving up the brown hole more often.
by what&where January 31, 2010
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A 'spearfishing' term referring to the instant you shaft that awesome fish and watch the scales blow off the back side of the fishes head and the green blood start pumping out.
From the 1st place podium he yells... 'Jammin Steel' on that 72lb. Cubera... bitches.
by What&Where October 22, 2010
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Smelting that hot pussy... like a 'foundry'.
Her pussy was as hot as a kiln, so I slammed the 'Jammin Steel'. That whore smelted for days.
by what&where October 20, 2010
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your best friends wife (a whore) (a straight-up WHORE)
I'm feeling both happy and sad... which head should I use ??? I love you brother but I'm gonna tap your 'friendstitute' cuz' she's hot. (fckng whore)
by what&where December 02, 2011
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