something that turned popular only for fans to ship letters
GUY 1: hey i shipped F with N from Alphabet lore
GUY 2: shoots guy 1
by cooldude2144 November 14, 2022
A masterpiece of a story where the characters are all letters. It is unironically better than any anime and marvel movie ever made, with no dialogue it tells a story with a deep history and yet all the letters are able to say is their own name. All things considered it is a true masterpiece and should win an Oscar.
Have you watched alphabet lore?
yeah, shit was unironically better than anything Marvel has done in years
by snakeheadsexer September 17, 2022
It’s a YouTube video about the alphabet lore.
Person 1: Hey have you seen the alphabet lore?
Person 2: Yeah I have! Have you?
by ReapaidButton408 September 29, 2022
Something that kids are going crazy about but it's actually good
A: alphabet lore is for kids

B: no it isnt
by A guy whit no bitches October 16, 2022
Alphabet Lore Where Letters Fight To The Death Against ErrFFf And Nnnnaaa But N Kill F and We Have Flash Back With Them
ZzzzzAAAAAA Is A Monster Sounding Letter That looks ugly Af

Also Modify Inside Jokes Foxi Boxi is an Rejection Groomer Nobody likes lol
by Editmyocnow October 9, 2022