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like a girl's a knock out,mad hot,sexy,stunning,fucking hottttttt,
guy1:dude did u see that girl in that car!?
guy2:YEAH she's A Ten! or a 10!
by Colombian94 May 16, 2009
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a girl so gorgeous that looking at her makes you feel like you just pissed yourself
Stephanie Piening is a ten. My nigga forreal doe, dat ass.
by ImaBaws May 08, 2011
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A word wrongly used by retards that live in NZ to define eaten
If you haven't aten pizza dipped in coke, you haven't lived
by Samboyzzz September 01, 2018
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see ass, moron, fuckshit, cocbite, dumbass

orginates from a high school in northern CO where the principal attempted to silence an online protest, resulting in the pissing off of many ppl.

to be used as an insult, meaning to be a moronic nub of a dumbass
jeez, jimmy's bein such an aten
by Moofotefel July 19, 2004
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A black person who only acts like a black person 10% of the time. One that white people tolerate and may even enjoy being around.
Person 1: " Did you see that black kid wearing the Iron Maiden shirt?"

Person 2: "Oh yeah he's totally a ten?"
by J2daG July 16, 2010
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when you have not ate all day
bitch i haven't aten all day
by lmaoha February 09, 2017
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