A single male or female. The whole 'pringle' part is added just because it rhymes...
Larry: Bruh, dat GURL better be a single pringle.
Jeff: She won't be no single pringle when I'm done with her.
by Larry Thats My Suitcase August 10, 2016
I"m getting up there in age. Some mileage is starting to show. Guess I'm a single pringle.
by H. Pooka January 2, 2023
Jonny: Dang, that mustache can take my heart any day
Lila: Is a single?
Jonny: Single Pringle, and I’m going to mingle
by Longlivelordfarquad May 24, 2022
A single pringle is someone who after their cherry is popped or tired of a relationship just keeps on hopping in one dick to the next.
I'm becoming a single pringle, need to relieve some stress. And get my fuck on.
by Unknown 122214 November 12, 2018
Name of a dance that looks uber easy. But really only The cool One can bust.

Consists of a good stern but cool wweird face.
With the addition of moving a little side to side and
moving ur hands around with ur pointer fingers sticking up.
Originated from a later night snacking.

Kelsey: Can u please get me a single pringle (before it was made a dance)

The Cool One: Yea sure *stops dances* That was called the single pringle. I accept tips.
by Oger August 6, 2005
Lucy claimed to be single as a pringle, but was actually throwing herself at anything that spoke to her, taken or not. That is a single pringle.
by CheekyChops185 March 27, 2020