A way to say you're single without feeling so bad.
"I'm a Single Pringle," said Bob.
by Pigeon of the Rain November 4, 2019
A person who is single is named a single pringle. They are the best in original flavour, i.e. on their own.
I'm a single pringle.
by snowprincess4ever April 5, 2006
Someone who is single (obviously) but handles it well and doesn't freak out about their lack of bf/gf. Usually used by teenagers for relationship statuses or bios on social networks. Funnier alternative to "single and ready to mingle"
Relationship status: Imma single pringle ;p
by aabigailrose October 13, 2013
Somebody who is single and proud of it.
P1: I've always been a single pringle.
P2: That's just sad.
P1: I'm glad about it!
by A. Nonnie-Moss October 10, 2011
a singleton who enjoys the single life
'yepp, I am officially a single pringle....... lets go talent spotting'
'you enjoyin your newfound single pringleness then.....'
'o yehh, being a single pringle is the best'
by chickenbitch November 26, 2008
Jonny: Dang, that mustache can take my heart any day
Lila: Is a single?
Jonny: Single Pringle, and I’m going to mingle
by Longlivelordfarquad May 24, 2022
Being single when all ur friends have a male/female love interest. And sitting there with your friends when there with there love interest, and basically being a third-wheel. And loving pringles.
My Friend - *has bf*
Me- *being a single pringle*
by bish12345 November 2, 2019