The condom stored in a wallet in case, there is an unexpected chance of getting laid
Hey you gonna nail her tonight?
IDK, i have a safety though so we'll see
Good luck man
I used my safety last night
Can i get a condom out of your pack?
Yea dude, you always gotta have a safety
by Matt December 30, 2007
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An extremely stupid game, consisting of one person farting, then quickly saying 'Safety' before the other person can say 'Doorknob'. If the other person says 'Doorknob' within that small window of time,they can punch the aforementioned person in the arm, without any retaliation, until that person touches a doorknob.
-See also 'Doorknob'
<Poot!> "Doorknob!"
"Ow! Quit hittin' me!"
"You Gotta touch a doorknob!"
"Allright, fine, whatever."
That's a door HANDLE! It has to be a KNOB!" etc...
by Funky T. Garfunkel December 05, 2003
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An exclamation used as a warning immediately following a fart, made by the farter
"Safety! I would keep walking forward, quickly, if I were you."
by Steph November 04, 2003
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Is not a joke. The carrying of weapons (must bring your own) is often encouraged to enhance safety. When pushed to the limit, safety is not guranteed. Due compensation is usually rendered when one returns from an operation that may call safety into question. Undertaking a difficult task (such as time travel) with someone who has only done it once before is not safe, but highly encouraged.
"We're going to hunt sabretooth tigers, and safety is not guranteed. Better bring your own weapons."

"Wanted: Someone to go back in time with me. Safety not guranteed."

"Sean Connery knows nothing of safety, hes only done this once before."
by Ayesee February 09, 2006
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Not guaranteed.
If safetys not guaranteed push it to the limit and remember to bring your own weapon.
by Zalb February 14, 2006
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an extension of safe as a positive response or discription
"I just scored sum bad ass weed"


by BeSpoken February 20, 2008
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