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a person with two different souls stuck inside of them with two totally different personalities
if you are schizophrenic, one minute you'll be happy and smiling, then the next minute, you'll be in tears
by Steph March 21, 2005
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Multi-talented lyrical genious and lead singer of modern rock band, Incubus. Also known for his visual art work and good looks.
by Steph September 27, 2004
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The butterfly in swimming is a great technique. Your body goes in a dolphin type of movement, almost like a rythem, and your hands goes with the rythem of your body. I love the stroke. Not everyone can do it though.
by Steph February 6, 2005
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Someone in possession of remarkably unpleasant qualities. Someone who you wish to smack repeatedly.
Bleh, he's such a penis poo. He wore high-nylon-content plaid and drank from urinals.
by Steph January 25, 2004
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