A mirage is a person whom you find attractive from a distance but as they come closer that attractiveness disappears like it was never their at all. More commonly known as a Picaso
"Dude that girl is so hot!"- Guy

"You gotta get closer to her shes totally a mirage"- Guy 2
by Skayterboy15 June 01, 2011
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A character in Apex Legends that is one of the purchasable characters. Mirage's passive ability is, that when he is knocked down, spawns a decoy and cloaks you so that you can get away. His Tactical ability is to send a decoy that copies whatever you are doing as him e.g crouch walking or sliding. When his decoy is killed by any means it reveals the enemies location and is useful if you send it into a nox trap, revealing the Caustic's location. His ultimate is Vanishing Act, which cloaks him and sends out a team of decoys to distract the enemies, making ambushes, sneak attacks, or escapes, but shooting de-activates the cloak.
Mirage: *Sends out a decoy*
Mirage: Go bambloo, Babool, bandoo- Go trick them!
by Dededestructive October 17, 2019
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1. An illusory, hormone induced state of matrimony between two people caused by the bending or distortion of neural activity within the brain

2. An effect that is sometimes seen on water, in the desert, or over a hot hood of a car, where objects viewed often become inverted

3. Ultimately, a whimsical, short lived flight of fancy that vanishes into thin air leaving nothing but a lasting memory and monthly court ordered support
Bob: “I thought you weren’t big on marriage.”

Ethan: “Mirage.”

Bob: “What?”

Ethan: “Not marriage. IMirage/I. It’s a state of mind. Sort of makes it almost tolerable.”

Bob: “Go fuck yourself.”
by Gary from Cotati October 08, 2009
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A beautiful and sexy young women that loves attention and constantly puts her all in to thing but she always seems to get hurt. She is always caring for others feeling rather than her own. she likes to act hard but deep down inside she is very soft.
Did you see that girl Mirage she is gorgeous .
by Miragelilove f January 12, 2018
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A Mirage is a person who takes any opportunity to simp over a girl. Typically this girls name begins with a C.
My friend rohan is pulling a mirage with emma.
by abigrichtown February 09, 2021
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Awesome guy with an awesome haircut that makes awesome jokes and fights in the outlands for fame using his hologram.
Yo mate who won the latest game in the outlands?
I think it was Mirage.
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A girl that looks fine from far away, but when you actually get close to her, you can see that she is busted.
Me: Damn, Gabe, why where you hitting on that ugly chick? What happened to the NUB rule?
Gabe: She looked okay at first...
Me: That's a mirage...
by #12 October 17, 2005
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