Taking two back-to-back shots of Liquor to the head.
I propose A JFK in honor of the groom, cheers!
by Steve Stephalonavich February 17, 2013
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A sex position where by you splatter all over her in the car while she screams and tries to get out
The jfk

A: what you in here for?
B: I got caught jfk-ing a local high school slut in a layby.
A: damn nigga, that shit is Cray cray.
by TCgossip November 26, 2015
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1) The act of shooting your load into your partners mouth and hitting the back of the throat with a high velocity. Almost as if it was getting blown out the back of their head. Hence the name.
"Hey, i just gave my girl the JFK!"
by Slang master April 26, 2016
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A moron that try's to act like a another moron. Kids that have to act rich and big on internet forums to get attention and please there big ego's.

100% fake, but 100% gays.
JFK and black gerbil are batty boys that toss each other off. The sole reason why people are angry in the misc section of HUKD's. Example... black gerbil humps and the JFK (KFC) enjoys the ride.
by Admin of hotukdeals March 13, 2009
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a.k.a. "The Magic Bullet" - Have a girl wear a blindfold while she is giving you head. At the same time, have a friend sneak in behind her and pleasure himself behind her. Both of you let 'em rip at the same time and nail the skank with goo from both sides of her head. She will always question if there was a second shooter or it was just a magic load.
I think my boyfriend had a friend of his help him JFK me last night. But he insists on a "single bullet theory."
by Saint Sean October 2, 2007
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1.) John Fitzgerald Kennedy. 35th president of the United States of America. Considered to be one of the greatest presidents ever due to his work on civil rights. Was the fourth president assassinated (Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy).

2.) Just fucking kidding. Variation of JK
1.) JFK's assassination has many parallels to the Lincoln assassination.

2.) dude ur a fucking fag! jfk!
by DTslashDT February 20, 2010
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