whoever wrote #9 is a neo nazi bastard. the holocaust killed millions of innocent ppl for no apparent reason, just because of the tremendous bitch hitler blamed jews, homos, gypsies, etc. for all of the problems that HE caused.
rambo, ur a neo nazi bastard.ppl needa go hitler on your ass!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 24, 2005
To utterly destroy something or someone.
Bob ordered a sheet pizza and holocausted the sh*t out of it, there wasn't any left for his friend Steve.
by TomtheWonderDog December 14, 2009
Im going to say this as simply as possible
Why are so many people infuriated and horrified about the “holocaust of 6 million jews” but don’t barely or at all even care at all about the over 120 million people terrorised to death by commies? Why is there no actual activism, education, censorship, suppression, hate, and demonising of the pure-evil dystopian genocidal lie that communism is? Which is a far more alive and strong demonic beast today? It is not only tolerated but in fact being promoted in every walk of life institutionally and systemically.
The atrocity commited by the Nazis, on the Jews mostly. Other victims were Gypsys, Blacks, Homosexuals, and the Handicapped.
Abraham : The holocaust sucks.
Aaron : Ikr
by Aaron Goldberg April 19, 2018
An event so real you’ll get sent to prison for questioning it.
The Holocaust is an event so real you’ll get sent to prison for questioning it.
Diversity and multiculturalism are really nothing more than the holocausting and ethnic cleansing of whites. Somehow it is racist for whites to have pride and systemic power in THEIR OWN COUNTRIES! (Like every other race does.) A world war was fought in defense of commies that killed over 120 million people to save Jews from being allegedly "exterminated" but people cheer on White Genocide and call anyone who opposes the racial-extermination and destruction of that race and culture of 1+ billion, a racist, when in reality the same people they call racist are the real anti-racists defending their race from extermination all and the greatest forms of physical/mental racism possible which are societally shielded and accepted under the hypocrisy of leftist logic.