the act of someone being a ninja and is really good at it
Josh: how did you do that ?
mitchell: cos i'm "A Fucking Ninja"
by mytch April 26, 2007
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Like a fucking ninja is when you escape from a place or thing or situation or person without being detected.
"And while she turned around to see where the noise came from, I jumped up and escaped through the vents. Like a fucking ninja
by Kalikedeshi November 17, 2013
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A woman who hides how freaky she is. If you discover her and you are a freak yourself never ever give up on her. She will make your fantasies and your dreams come true.
Bill: So Tim I heard that you and Lexi enjoyed a bit of alone time together. So what happened?

Tim: *mentally freezes with pleasure from remembering last night* She is such a sexy fucking ninja...
by Goddess lover April 19, 2011
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1.To have sex without a sound
2. To have sex without the other person knowing
You had sex last night! I didn't even hear it!
Yep, I ninja fucked her hard.
by Frickin' Genius January 14, 2016
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To have sex in an extremly fast, violent, but pleasurable (for both parties) event. The idea of "Fucking like a Ninja" is to get in, out, and off, before you can get caught, be it by parents, angry spouses, or even the police, in some rare occasions.

She got ninja fucked, dude. Right after they both got off, he was gone like a goddamn shadow.
by Andrew Flanagan February 26, 2006
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To have sex in a quick and intense manner.
"I could tell by the look on her face that she got ninja-fucked last night."
by Jordy-Time February 17, 2006
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To penetrate another person without that person having knowledge or noticing.
Person 1: Whoa what was that?
Person 2: You just got ninja fucked!
by mario420 September 6, 2006
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