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1.To have sex without a sound
2. To have sex without the other person knowing
You had sex last night! I didn't even hear it!
Yep, I ninja fucked her hard.
by Frickin' Genius April 25, 2016
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To have sex in a quick and intense manner.
"I could tell by the look on her face that she got ninja-fucked last night."
by Jordy-Time February 16, 2006
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To penetrate another person without that person having knowledge or noticing.
Person 1: Whoa what was that?
Person 2: You just got ninja fucked!
by mario420 September 06, 2006
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To have sex in a bunk bed without your bunkmate noticing.
Dude, I ninjafucked this girl last night. My roomie had no idea. I guess he likes being rocked to sleep.
by mizzou22 November 20, 2008
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If I heard this right, it refers to the action of being sexed half-willing, whether out of obligation or whatever motivation (this isn't referring to rape, mind you). It comes from a movie called Dog Park, and I'd like to see the term used more.
"How'd it go last night? Well, she ninjafucked me."
by geoffy mcgee August 05, 2004
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When you ( a male) is having sex with two other people ( male or female) and you fuck them in the butts back to back. Hence, you see an ASS, you see an ASS, and you went IN, or assassin ( which is a word used to describe a ninja).
Joe Schmoe: Hey bro, I just had a consecutive buttsex with these two smoking hot chicks last night
Douchebag Dan: Duuuuuude! You just had a Ninja Fuck!!!
Joe: Totally gnarly dude!!
by Jdawg96 December 17, 2013
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wearing a black-body suit with only your dick n balls hanging out in a very dark room, drunk ho walks in u tap that shit with your baby dick, and peace out with her having no idea...ninjafucked.
God damn im so fucked up in ninjafucked.
by DirtyLightaOriginator June 11, 2010
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