{Billy Corgan, 1967 - )The leader of the band, Smashing Pumpkins (1989-2001). Adored by fans for being a fantastic musician and amazing lyricist, hated by non-fans for a whiny voice and annoying attitude.
"Corgan is fucking GOD, man." or, conversely, "Billy Corgan? I hate that fucking prick and his whiny voice."
by Ava December 13, 2004
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That susbstitue teacher went totally Corgan on us. He kept talking about masturbation
by whatsittoyou May 19, 2003
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former front man of The Smashing Pumpkins


former front man of Zwan


wrote a poetry book called blinking with fists


just came out with The Future Embrace
a solo project

and is trying to get the pumpkins back togther yay!...
Boy "You know that bald, pale, whiney, screeching voiced guy?"

Man "Billy Corgan?"

Boy "yeah"

Man "what about him?"

Boy "he kicks major nutz"

Man "ah hah hah he sure does son...he sure does..."
by Johnny Dearest July 27, 2005
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the biggest poet on the rock music scene ever
he wrote universal romantic touching songs like disarm. tonight tonight etc.
he's got a wonderful heart
by ViolinoNero March 7, 2004
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an underrated guitarist that deserves much more credit than most of the artists that emerged from the 90's, he truly spoke his feelings and for that...i salute him
Hey, Billy Corgan needs more credit than what his already hardcore fans have given him.
by Afroasian July 17, 2005
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created one of the best bands of all time- the smashing pumpkins, and is undoubtedly in the top three of the most AWESOME frontmen of the 90s. known to most as 'that really pale tall guy with no hair that plays a bitchin' guitar', billy is evidence that not all poets are dirt poor. if you havent heard this dude's songs, what the hell are you waiting for??!!
'billy corgan is so cool'

'i named my child billy and gave him a guitar and a superman top'
by awesome February 20, 2005
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Billy Corgan, born in Chicago in 1967, is, to over-simplify, the lead singer of the band The Smashing Pumpkins. Billy is recognized above all for his poetic and deeply introspective songwriting as well as his passion and creative vision for music. He is an excellent guitar player and his nazaley voice is an ava adored trademark amongst his fans. His music is beautiful (ok, I'm biased, but definitely give him a chance)
"Dude, why is Billy Corgan talking to a poptart?" "No, it symbolizes...ugh, nevermind."
by Joey DeSantis June 26, 2007
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