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Parafield Gardens is a big suburb in Adelaide's northern suburbs. It is the best place in the world even though most people who dont live in parafield gardens say that its feral. Parafield gardens is home to Parafield gardens high school and its the best school in the world but people who never went there say its feral.
person a: I'm from Parafield Gardens
person b: EWWW You're feral!
person a: Whatever, fuck off
by parafieldgardens4eva June 20, 2010
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Some weird-ass name made up randomly. Probably a mix of Britney, Bianca, Kankles and Brick
What's your friends name??
Oh yeah, I remember now, its Brikanka!
by parafieldgardens4eva March 04, 2011
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(or ACA) A current affair show (a bit like Today Tonight) shown on Channel 9 in Australia. Hosted by Tracy Grimshaw (the one that Gordon Ramsay called an old ugly pig).
A Current Affair is just like Today Tonight, sensationalist pigs!
by parafieldgardens4eva August 24, 2010
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Julia Gillard is Australia's first female Prime Minister. She was voted to take over Kevin Rudd on 24th June 2010 even though it wasn't a federal election.
person a: did u hear about kevin rudd got fired from being pm?
person b: yer they replaced him with Julia Gillard
by parafieldgardens4eva June 25, 2010
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Westfield owned shopping centre in Modbury, Adelaide, South Australia. Known locally as TTP, it's the second-biggest shopping centre in Adelaide.
Come to Latenight at TTP?
I went to Tea Tree Plaza for all my Christmas shopping
by parafieldgardens4eva November 04, 2011
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