A situation that happens in a single mothers life when she realizes:

1.) That she was looking for the wrong things in a man to begin with.

2.) The same game he used to knock her up with he's using on someone else who is just as fine or finer than you.

3.) Lack of child support plus one screaming child equals one pissed-off mom.

4.) That a nice car, long-hard dick and money does not make the perfect man.

5.) That she should sew up her vagina and hope "Mr. Right" is a single parent like she is.

6.) She can't party and change daipers at the same time.

See child support
Rachel thought Tyrone was the greatest man in the world! He was nice, he had and elephant-like penis, and he spent money on her constantly. After the baby dropped, and she couldn't lose the weight, the c-section scars or stretch marks. And Tyrone lost interest and decided to set up shop in new territory.
This lack of affection mixed with a screaming child caused Rachel to hate Tyrone with a pashion, causing serious baby momma drama.
by Mr. Dwayne October 28, 2004
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1.Ruined birthday parties because your baby's momma and new girlfriend can't get along.
2.Never being able to do anything right.
3.Never ending arguing and fighting.
The ongoing baby momma drama at the party ruined it for the adults but the kids didn't seem to even notice.
by N October 07, 2003
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is...the constant phone calls to baby's father from baby's momma and child(ren) for any and all trivial needs:wants at any and all times of the day...and the baby's father goes running or gives up the credit card.
Momma calls or makes child call for money to provide for kids BS needs(?)- and she also needs money for all five of her other kids but only one of them is his and he drives to the ends of the earth to give it to her as many times as she can call in one day.
by kdlady1231 July 10, 2005
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The actions of the girl you got pregnant while you were drunk...usually brought on by her jealousy of another ho in your life.
This baby momma drama is killin' my game!
by Cricket September 08, 2003
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