The sexual act of recieving felatio while maintianing a perfect telephone conversation. Mastery of this act is considered achieved if one can ejaculate during the conversation without the person on the line suspecting anything is abnormal.
My mom called last night and just to mess with me Suzie gave me A Bill Clinton.
by S Gill January 23, 2007
A very misunderstood man. The 42nd president of the united states, he has accomplished almost more than any other president in american history. he was impeached for something that should not have been a public afair, unlike the president of today who has lied and has not been impeached. In his term the economy was the best it has ever been, he created many treatys and alies throught the world, and did wonders to the welfare of the citizens of the united states. What most people overlook is the fact that he was one of the best presidents ever and instead focus on something that is not any of their business.
bill clinton was a wonderfull president that should not have been impeached.
by Theribus September 24, 2005
Noun: To arbitrarily spray semen on another person after receiving oral sex.

A money shot.
Jeff: "Sarah blew me this morning and I sprayed cum all over her tits and face."
Jerry: (In distinct southern drawl) "Daaaamn Jeffrey, gave her the Bill Clinton"
by The Afterworld Cafe June 8, 2007
The Best Damn Thing To Happen To America Since The Forced Resignation of Republican President Nixon

A man who actually gave a DAMN about minorites (Ruined When Bush Ignored Minorities' Pleas During Hurricane Katrina), women (Ruined when Bush endored the idea that only rightful place for women is in the household), poor (Ruined when poverty rate increased during Bush's administration), civil rights (ruined when Bush allowed domestic spying on AMERICANS, peaceful anti-war protest meetings, etc. without APPROVAL OF COURT), economy (ruined when bush took office), gas (ruined when bush took office and got worse when bush let oil companies do w/e the hell they want), and Americans in General (Ruined when .bush said "ur doin' a heck of a job Brownie!")

Many critics point out he was a nasty god-less pervert because he had an affair with a woman and that he shoudlve been let us take this into persepctive...

"Crimes of Presidents"
Clinton: Had his dick sucked--Impeachment
Bush: Lied About WMDS in Iraq, +2100 american troops dead, Allowed ILLEGAL Domestic Spying on Americas, Did Not Respond Quickly To Hurricane Katrina, +1000 hurricane victims dead, Gave In To Corrupt Oil Companies, "ur doin a heck of a job brownie!"--None...YET
Republican: Bill Clinton shoudlve been convicted of his crimes!!!
Democrat: If Bill Clinton "SHOULD HAVE" been convicted of his "crimes", then George Bush SHOUD'VE been tortured and hanged for his crimes...
by Marcos1779 January 1, 2006
1. 42nd president of the United States. Bill Clinton Ushered in the Age of the "world wide web" and was the first US president to send an Email (March 1993).

2. Although famous for a sex scandal that included oral sex among other acts with several secretaries, Clinton accomplished several tasks, for which he was either hated or loved, depending on the party.

3. Bill Clinton Waged rather successfully two Wars, Bosnia and Kosovo, which like Reagan, no one remembers. He managed to save thousands of American lives by using the Star Wars strategy of Ronald Reagan.

4. Clinton was the first U.S. president to allow Gays in the Military with his "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy in the 1990s.

5. Clinton was elected shortly after an Appearance on the Arsenio Hall show, where he played a Saxaphone on live Television.

6. Clinton's Vice President Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet, and the Environment, but he was only half right. (See Al Gore).

7. Clinton fired Janet Reno for suggesting masterbation be made socially acceptable and taught in schools.
"When I was in England I experimented with marijuana a time or two, and I didn't like it. I didn't inhale."

"The road to tyranny, we must never forget, begins with the destruction of the truth."

"'We're not inflicting pain on these fuckers,' Clinton said, softly at first. 'When people kill us, they should be killed in greater numbers.'
by Noire January 14, 2005
Some one who many call the first black president. One thing is true like most black husbands his wife would be better off without him.
Just when Hillary gets things going her way Bill Clinton does something stupid and sets her back.
by benth April 15, 2008